Wholesale Survival Kits
WSK is the distribution arm of Guardian offering an expansive line of preparedness products and kits with the ability to customize to specific needs and brand kits to your company, department or agency.


Wholesale Co-Packer for Survival Kits and Preparedness Products

Who WSK Sells To

Approved businesses, schools, hospitals, church groups, and government agencies throughout the world.


WSK specializes in disaster preparedness, long term shelf-life food and water, emergency evacuation, first aid, hygiene, light/communication, and shelter. WSK supplies products to prepare for disasters, evacuations, office/school lock down, and facilities management needs. WSK can customize bags as well as components to best serve our clients according to their specific needs. WSK's fulfillment and shipping facility provide accurate and prompt delivery to locations worldwide.

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info@guardiansurvivalgear.com (877) 724-7548
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